My Expertise is Your Solution

Skill No.3 - Administration & Monitoring


Deals with a database administrator’s core responsibilities,
covering what you do every day. Database Administrators (DBAs) perform a number of crucial tasks. The primary role is to protect files from loss or corruption, nowadays the concept of Database Administrator is losing its value, new names arise like Data Management Engineer, due to new cloud technologies emerge with great power in our lives. DME's or DBA's can work to reduce the risks posed to the security of a system if they recognise the initial weaknesses of the database software, no system is 100% immune from attacks but a deep knowledge of industry best practices can minimise risks and increase the speed at which threats are diverted.

Join me is more operational than design and implementation focused from scratch on how to do it in SQL Server and Oracle.

Jairo Alberto Suarez Carrillo - System Engineer - Database Specialist

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