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Skill No.1 - Auditing & Encrypt Databases


An organization’s data is one of its most important assets, and in the twenty-first century securing your data is paramount. In this chapter, we will exam
the skills required to protect sensitive data through encryption, to control data access, and importantly to audit data access. In a lot of sectors, there are
common compliances and governance requirements, and SQL Server (also Oracle and Postgres) has technology and tools to help you achieve any such compliance.

Data loss comes in many forms, including hardware failure, database, corruption, malicious activity, and user error, so you should develop a DRP to protect against all of these eventualities. It is common for organizations to have data governance requirements, requiring you to factor these into your
data disaster strategy.

Join me to configure and start from scratch how to do it in SQL Server and Oracle.

Isakov, V. (2017). Exam Ref 70-764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure. Microsoft Press.

Jairo Alberto Suarez Carrillo - System Engineer - Database Specialist

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