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Skill No.4 - High Availability and DRP


It is important to understand the difference between high availability and disaster recovery. It is not uncommon for management in organizations to misunderstand these concepts and use the wrong technology for their SQL Server or Oracle or any other RDBMS infrastructure.

With high availability, you are using technology in RDBMS to minimize the downtime of a given database solution to maximize its availability.


With disaster recovery, however, you are using technology to recover from a disaster incident, potentially minimizing the amount of data lost. In some cases, data loss is acceptable, because the imperative is to get your database solution online as soon as possible. That is why it is critical to engage with all stakeholders to determine the business requirements. With both high availability and disaster recovery people and processes play a key part, so make sure you don’t focus solely on the technology.

Join me High availability technologies are complex and involve a lot of set up and configuration, we start from scratch on how to do it in SQL Server and Oracle.

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Jairo Alberto Suarez Carrillo - System Engineer - Database Specialist