2020 IT Skills and Salary Report - Introduction

Opportunities exist for bigger paychecks.

IT professionals don’t lack opportunities to boost their pay. Learning a new skill or earning a certification can result in a raise upwards of $12,000 a year. Seeking a promotion to a management position can also pay off, as some decision-makers make over 25% more than the employees they manage.

More IT professionals are certified this year

Eighty-seven percent of IT professionals have at least one certification, while nearly 40% are already pursuing their next certification. After achieving a certification, IT professionals recognize the benefits immediately, including an increase in work quality, more engagement with their work, and faster job performance. Cloud and cybersecurity certifications are top-paying. I stop a bit here because where I work, pay raises is not important and be certified is something secondary (but you must-have get knowledge and efficience to make the job)

Universally, cloud computing and cybersecurity certifications are associated with the highest IT salaries around the world. Credentials from ISACA, (ISC)2, AWS and Google Cloud are

amongst the top-paying. Cloud and IT security skills are also the most in-demand, as IT decision-makers continue to struggle to hire in these areas.

Skills gaps are stable, but still a significant problem

For the first time since 2016, the percentage of IT skills gaps did not rise year over year. And yet, over 75% of IT decision-makers are dealing with skills gaps. The loss in productivity due to skills gaps can equal 520 hours and $29,000 per employee. Yikes.

Training support is on the upswing

Over 90% of our survey respondents trained in the past year up to seven percent from 2019. This may be due to an increase in manager support. When authorized by the organization, 80% of IT decision-makers approved training for their staff, an improvement of 36% from a year ago.

Workloads are major challenges for both managers and their staff

The amount of day-to-day work for the average IT professional is untenable. It’s also exacerbated by skills gaps and unfilled positions on their team. Increasing workloads cause undue stress on employees, which is a problem because an overwhelming number of unsatisfied IT professionals are likely to seek a job change.

IT professionals are leaving dead-end jobs

Job satisfaction is important for tech professionals, as 90% who are dissatisfied will pursue a new job this year. They are eager to grow their careers and will change employers if they don’t feel supported, which in my case and I am part of that 90%.

Microsoft is the top tech focus area

Over half of global IT decision-makers say they expect their organization to invest in Microsoft technology this year. This is the second straight year Microsoft tops the list. AWS and Cisco are also primary technologies for over 30% of organizations.

Source: Global Knowledge

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