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Seventy-two percent of IT professionals are at least somewhat satisfied in their job, the same percentage as last year. Keeping employees fulfilled and effectively managing stress levels are crucial because dissatisfied IT professionals won’t hesitate to seek alternative employment.

Ninety percent of dissatisfied IT professionals are likely to pursue a new job this year, compared to 42% who are satisfied with their current position. This is a major issue, as we’ve documented that talent recruitment and retention are the top challenges for IT leaders.

Our survey respondents have made it abundantly clear they will not wait out a bad work situation. If they are overwhelmed, unhappy or believe the company isn’t investing enough in their development, they will pursue other opportunities.


Most IT professionals are confident about their job security. Seventy-eight percent feel somewhat or extremely good about their job status, versus six percent who feel somewhat or extremely bad. Before the pandemic, a strong majority of IT professionals did not worry about being laid off. If IT professionals changed employers and 20% did in the last 12 months then it was likely a decision by the employee, not the employer.


One out of five IT professionals around the world changed employers in the last year. That’s a huge deal for managers who are struggling to hire qualified candidates to fill open positions. For the second straight year, these individuals who changed employers told us that growth and development opportunities were the biggest reason why.

The higher salary was the second biggest reason, while better work/life balance the third most important. It’s not always about salary. Sure, most IT professionals would welcome a larger paycheck. But for the most part, they value career growth more. IT professionals want to constantly learn and enhance their skills. That’s part of the excitement of working

with technology, it drives users and adopters to constantly evolve with it.

IT professionals also cited other factors for changing employers in the open-field section of our survey, including “toxic boss,” “emotional well-being” and “previous manager overlooked me for a due promotion.”

This year, we also surveyed IT professionals who changed job roles, not necessarily employers. While 31% changed roles, their main driver was the same as those who changed companies more opportunity for growth. Only 26% changed job roles because

of a compensation increase.


IT staff and decision-makers are on the same page about their biggest challenge this year—workloads. Thirty-seven percent of all survey respondents said the workload is an issue across their department. Echoing the sentiments of those who changed jobs in the past year, 34% of IT professionals said they lack career development opportunities.

Thirty percent said their role and responsibility is unclear, while 29% said they don’t have enough access to resources. Employee morale and skills development are also challenges

experienced by at least one out of every four IT professionals.

Predicted areas of growth

While IT will not be spared from the pandemic’s impact, growth is still projected in certain tech areas, such as cloud and in Looking Forward infrastructure. During an economic slowdown, organizations will look to the cloud to drive digital strategies. This will likely require an even stronger emphasis on cloud vendor management and a better understanding of how the cloud can serve customers. Internally, more remote work and less travel will also increase the focus on secure access to cloud services.


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Source: Global Knowledge

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