Create documentation based on lies is not OK

During the last December 2021, irregular but determined, and part of January 2022 I have taken the decision to get another certification with Oracle Cloud, this opportunity, Cloud Architect Associate.

I have received an email from someone Jasper Edwards from a company that promotes attacking or asking if you hate a specific product to earn customers, which I would not agree with this kind of policy, let me explain why Enterprise DB fall down in lies.

Just for your information, dear reader, I am not an Oracle employee and I do not have any interest in Oracle Company; my unique interest is to offer equity with each product.

I have dedicated time to watch the presentation and only in the fifth slide I have found something that is not true; let me explain the context of your mistake.

You can create an Oracle RAC database when creating a database deployment on Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service. Additional Oracle has license-included in 4 tiers of functionality to meet application-specific requirements. Let me mention all of them.

For more information and source of information, please click here.....

Looking at my internal notes when I had the opportunity to watch the OCI Free courses offered by Oracle Learn, let me rescue the following things in matters of Database Systems in OCI.

Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance

  • Database In-Memory

  • Active Data Guard

  • Real Application Clusters

  • Application Continuity -- Requires Oracle Active Data Guard.

Enterprise Edition

  • Data Guard

  • Real Application Testing

  • Data Masking and Subsetting Pack

  • Tunning Pack and Diagnostic Packs

Enterprise Edition High Performance

  • Partitioning

  • Advanced Compression

  • Advanced Security

  • Lifecycle and Cloud Management Packs

Standard Edition 2

  • Tablespace Encryption

  • Multitenant

  • Machine Learning

  • Spatial and Graph

Some time ago I have had the opportunity to study with EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL and I left very satisfied with their way to communicate and likeness with Oracle terms and vocabulary, which is OK because many people grow up with Oracle's vocabulary.


Jairo Suarez Carrillo

Data Management Engineer

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