End of Year and the new 2021 Challenges.

End of the year and after 3 days of 2021, I have resolved three big challenges, I would like to share with you and how it was resolved.

The first one!

My wife on vespers of Christmas eve, awake one morning and told me we should change the old vanity in our bathroom, what huge error without measuring the consequences and the amount of job! I don't know what I was thinking of. We started with the easy work, destroy!

After several hours of job, when I was trying to take the tiles out of the wall, I've caused a big mess even worst! I had destroyed the wall! without hope and some frustration, already I was contemplating the idea to pay somebody to help me out to fix the massive hole made it. We start to look at on Youtube, Do it Yourself.

We could clean the mess and start the process of enhancing and design the new facility. But we had an extra-issue pending to resolve, plumbing that day was 24 of December and a plumber normally never work that day, we made a couple of calls and messages on Whatsapp and my wife's Facebook messenger but nothing seemed to be positive and then....there you go! Appear an angel, knock our door and tell us! I am here how I can help you! We see each other with Karen and speechless.

Finally the results! Let's go for more!


31 Dec/1 Jan -- I have lost my key car in the middle of the forest (1hr30m away of the biggest city, Christchurch, CHC), I have spent six hours trying to locate it but wasn't possible, many people helped me out. Angels started to appear and they went to my home, recovered the second copy and bring me back the copy key to CHC. Meanwhile, I come back to Christchurch, pick-up the key and finally return to recover the car.


Flooding rivers and roads after 6 hours of way-back to home We get stuck in Oamaru, roads are close and near to be 6 PM with kids requesting for food and rest. Again, we started to make some calls and send some messages! angels started to pop-up, we made new friends! New Zealand's farmers. What those lovely people. We promise them to come back soon!

Now, I put recently my fourth challenge of the 2021 year. To get me and ratify my knowledge and experience as a Database Specialist. It will be in March.

As a final challenge, I going to start to work with Xertify, an excellent project, later on, I will explain more in detail what is that and how you can help with us with this social cause.


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