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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

During the last two weeks, I have been working and following in Oracle Learning Library path deployed Installing Oracle Database 18c Using RPM Packages on Oracle Linux; I am doing this because I am preparing my upgrade OCP Certification 19c version.

I have found some contradictions here already that the documentation goes against some cloud policies and benefits of Always Free Eligible and Oracle Learning Library Installing Oracle Database 18c Using RPM Packages on Oracle Linux.

What Do You Need?

  • Oracle Linux 7 or Oracle Linux 6 64-bit on the target server.

  • A minimum of 2 GB swap space.

  • If you are performing the installation on your laptop, then ensure that the /etc/hosts file contains a fully qualified name for the target server.

Shape Configuration

Shape: VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro

OCPU Count: 1

Network Bandwidth (Gbps): 0.48

Memory (GB): 1

Local Disk: Block Storage Only

Now my question is why the Always Free Eligible coming up with 1 GB of Memory but the same time recommend 2GB of RAM? This is the link of Oracle Doc.

Despite the installation of Oracle 18c was successful when I tried to startup the CDB/PDB this shows an error ORA-00205, pretty normal, nothing surprise here.

I would like that you; colleagues help me out to reach Oracle directives or some guru with powers to let them know that Shape: VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro does not offer anything to study and self-preparation.

I will continue with my studies, and if I find something else, I will update this article. Thanks for sharing!


Jairo Suarez Carrillo

Oracle Database Specialist

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